What does an ON THAT ASS membership cost?

A Men’s boxer shorts membership (Originals or One) costs £9.99 per month and for a Boys boxer shorts membership you pay £8.99 per month.

Matching Socks cost an extra £4.99 per month in combination with an active boxer short membership. With an inactive boxer short membership, they cost £8.99 per month.

Did you know that you get €10 extra Shop credit when you add an extra boxer short membership? That way you save up for exclusive ON THAT ASS items in the Loyalty Webshop even faster.

You pay no shipping costs for free and/or monthly deliveries.

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Why do I pay a verification fee?

During registration, we ask you to link your payment details to your account. You pay £1 for a credit card and PayPal has no verification cost. We do not accept prepaid credit cards or debit cards. All transactions will be shown in UK £. We will refund the verification fee to your bank account within a few working days.

The verification is to link the payment details to the correct account and to prevent fraud. You can read more about this in our terms of use.

By verifying your payment details, you consent to the direct debit.

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When will I be charged?

In the membership, you always pay the month in advance.

Once your trial period is over, the cost of your membership(s) will be debited each month around the 27th via direct debit.

For this, we use the account number you linked when you registered. When verifying your payment method, you agree to the monthly debits.

Are we unable to debit your account on the 27th due to circumstances? Then you will receive several payment reminders via e-mail so that you can still make the payment in time.

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How do I change my payment details?

Changing your payment details is very simple and can be done easily and quickly via your account. You pay £1 for a credit card and PayPal is free of charge. This verification payment will be refunded to you within a few days.

  1. Log in to your account here,
  2. Select 'My Details',
  3. Click on 'Payment Details'
  4. Link your new payment method.

Did you receive a message that changing or adding your payment details was unsuccessful? This could be because your payment details are already known to us and you have already created an account with us. A payment method cannot be used for multiple accounts. Also, we do not accept prepaid credit cards or debit cards.

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I have an outstanding payment?

It may happen that you have missed a payment, or it cannot be debited. With an outstanding payment, no boxer shorts and/or Socks will be delivered. You can settle the outstanding payment quickly and easily via your account, or via one of the payment reminders.

By verifying your payment details, you consent to the direct debit of the monthly fees. When cancelling a membership, we apply a notice period and you have a payment obligation.

Are you unable to make the payment via the options above, is there a problem with your payment details or has the payment already been made? Send and e-mail to our Customer Service Team. We will help you to make sure to settle this in time. 

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How do I stop a charge?

You can only stop a direct debit by pausing or stopping your membership. You can easily arrange this yourself in your account via 'Memberships'. When verifying your payment details, you agreed to the monthly direct debits.

Outside the trial period, we apply a notice period.

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