Shipping and delivery

How soon will I get my first free boxer shorts?

We understand that you can't wait to receive your first pair of ON THAT ASS boxer shorts.
As you can see in your account, they will have been sent to you after you completed your registration. You should have also received a confirmation email.

Didn't receive your first ON THAT ASS boxer shorts after 7 days? 
Please contact our Customer Service, and they will solve the problem for you.

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When will my monthly design be delivered?

Boxer shorts:
In the membership we always debit one month in advance. 
The debit of the 27th is for the boxer shorts of the following month.

Did we debit your account around the 27th? Then you can expect your corresponding boxer shorts in your mailbox between the 17th and the 23rd of the following month.

The delivery of your pair of Socks will also be sent in the same period as your boxer shorts, but as they are sent separately, the delivery dates may differ.

You can always find the exact delivery dates in your account.

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I have multiple memberships but have not yet received everything

If you have several active memberships in one account and we have debited your account for several memberships around the 27th of the month, the boxer shorts or Socks may be delivered on different days as they are sent in separate packages.

Check for the latest dates in your account.

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I haven't received my free boxer shorts yet, but my account has already been debited.

After your trial period has ended, we will debit your account every month around the 27th. Have you not yet received your first boxer shorts but have we already debited your account?

Please check if the delivery address in your account is correct and change it if necessary, then contact our Customer Service.

We will solve it for you, of course!

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