What does an ON THAT ASS membership cost?

A Men boxer shorts membership (Originals of One) costs only £9.99 per month and a Boys boxer shorts membership costs £8.99 per month.
Shipping costs are covered by us and with multiple boxer shorts memberships you will receive a 10% discount.

Please note: We debit your account around the 27th of the month and deliver your boxer shorts the following month from the 17th.
The discount does not apply to the Socks membership.

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When do you take the payment?

The amount for your new boxer shorts will be debited by direct debit each month around the 27th, once your trial period has ended.
For this we use your linked account number as known in your account. We first debit your account before we deliver.

Paying later?
Are you unable to pay at that time? No problem at all!
You will receive a payment reminder from us via email a few days later, so that you can still easily make the payment via your account.
This will then be processed automatically so that you too can receive a brand new design.

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How do I change my payment method?

Do you prefer to use the bank account of your parent(s) or partner? Use the steps below to easily change your bank details;

  1. Log in to your account here,
  2. Select 'My details' in the menu,
  3. Click on 'Payment details' at the bottom,
  4. Link your new payment method. An account number/name can only be used once and we do not accept prepaid credit cards.

Is it not possible to change your bank account?

Did you get the message that changing or adding your bank details in your account is not possible? This may be because your bank details are already known to us.

Are you sure that your bank details are not already known to us, but is it still not possible to change them?
Then we would like to solve this for you, please contact our Customer Service.

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Have I given permission for the direct debit?

When you register, we always ask you to enter your bank details, because they can only be used per unique account.
That way we prevent fraud and your payment details are immediately linked if you are convinced and want to join the membership.

When you sign up, you also give us permission to debit your account if you have an active account that is not in the trial period.
You can read more about this in our terms of use.

You are free to stop or pause your membership at any time via your account.  Please note the one month's notice period after your trial period.

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I have an outstanding payment, now what?

If you have an outstanding payment, no boxer shorts will be delivered.
You can of course easily make this payment via your account or via the payment reminder email that you received from us.

As soon as we have received your payment, we will send you a new design. It is possible that your shipment may be delayed because your payment was made outside of the normal debit dates. Please take this into account.

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How do I stop a direct debit?

You can stop a charge by pausing or ending your membership if you have no outstanding payment.
You can do this easily in your account via 'Memberships'.
Then click on 'Membership status' to change the status from active to inactive.

Within your trial period this can be done immediately, after that we use a one month notice period.

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What happens if I withdraw my payment?

If you reverse a payment, an open payment will appear in your account.
You will then automatically receive an email from us informing you that you have an outstanding payment.

Your account cannot be closed and you cannot re-join us in the future.
Do you want to pause or cancel your membership? Here you can read how.

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Do I get a discount?

You can! When you have two or more active boxer shorts memberships we give you a 10% discount on your boxer shorts memberships.
Just because we appreciate that you are such a fan.

Note: This action does not apply to the Socks membership.

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