Get rid of boring boxer shorts.
How it started.

It's not that long ago. In October 2014, to be precise, when we wondered why we all walk around in those boring boxer shorts. Colorless. Unimaginative. And often not comfortable at all. That had to be done differently, right?

We got a crazy idea: We just wanted to make really great boxer shorts with a different print on them every month. How cool would that be? During the search for quality and reliability, this idea started to take shape. And the more we thought about it, the more enthusiastic we became about the idea. Although we knew right away that it would not be easy.

Our idea grew stronger and stronger and the determination to start became greater. One year later after a lot of samples, several designs and critical eyeballs, the time had come: ON THAT ASS was born.

From then on, all of us and our members, look forward to a new design every month. We take inspiration for our prints from everywhere, really. We watch music videos, sometimes from days gone by, or we get inspiration during a night of partying in the city.